July Update

Saturday, 03 July 2021 by Alan Evans

The Committee met on 1 July in person at the RAFA Club and reviewed the present situation. Since there is still considerable uncertainty amid a further rise in Covid cases it is not yet sensible to fix a date for reopening, but there is the prospect of restrictions being eased soon, and we are increasingly confident that we should be able to open in September. It is not yet clear exactly what precautions we will need in place, but we held the meeting with open doors, an extractor fan on low and a pleasant feel to the room (on an admittedly warm day). We used the new tables and chairs, which everyone was satisfied with. We have also now put much of our equipment (boards, boxes etc) in the new storage cupboards.

Next, we plan to run a small test event to make sure that the wireless scoring and other technology performs with no glitches, to be followed by a Committee meeting to reflect on how it all worked. We continue to liaise with the RAFA Club to improve minor points relating to access and lighting and other features.